Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This belly of mine is getting pretty big... unfortunately, so is everything else, it seems!!!! I've really, really wanted to be pregnant for a long time, but I just had no idea ALL that changes... I won't go into my list now, but if you've spent 5 minutes with me, then you already have heard of at least 10 of my pregnancy ailments. Seriously HARD WORK... I think women should be paid for this job (and I know I've only seen the half of it)! ONE THING I JUST CAN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT IS... FEELING THAT LITTLE GUY MOVE AROUND IN THERE. We read a Bible story a couple weeks ago about a certain someone that I'd LOVE to name our baby after (Daddy is still in contemplative prayer over this HUGE decision, so I won't divulge the name publicly quite yet...). But, AS we're reading the story, I felt him move for the first time and, truly, there's just nothing more amazing in the world. It's helping me really connect to the idea of this being a boy. Don't you think that's a major sign from God that he should be named after this Bible story person? :) Daddy???

DADDY has a Birthday!

Daddy has a new WINGMAN!

19 Weeks! Almost half way!

Our baby now measures about 6 inches (15cm) and weights about 7 oz (200g)! Seriously, though, isn't that little guy cute in there??? Not exactly OUR little boy, but I'm sure he looks just like that!