Friday, August 29, 2008

Meeting my Wonderful Family!

First of all, here's a close up of me to remind you that I'm SO cute! Mommy and Daddy (and, well everyone that's met me really) are SOOOO in love with me!!!

When I was one week old, Uncle Erik, Auntie Camille and cousin Claire all drove out from California to meet me. Uncle Joel and Auntie Minna came down from Fort Collins and we all hung out at Gramma and Papa's place- such fun! Here's a great shot of the whole gang!

This is my Auntie Minna- she's practicing her diapering skills since my cousin, Chase, is coming into the world this coming December! I give her an A+ (I didn't even cry when she changed my poopy like I normally do- that's how good she is!!!)

See? There's Chase right under me in this next picture!

And, this is my big cousin Claire! At first, she wasn't sure about me and was upset that her Auntie Julie (my Mom) wasn't able to play with her more cause I was always needing her to feed me, but by the end of their trip she was kissing me, giving me stickers on my head, tickling my face with her hair and reading me stories (yup, she can read and she's only 4- I have a lot to learn from her!). She also liked to announce, "Josiah's a little on the hiccuppy side again!" HICCUP! I get them ALL the time!

This is my Papa... I actually met him the first night I came out. He talks to me more than anyone. Everyone else forgets that I love to listen, but not him. He says he's going to teach me how to talk. We're working on my first word- either "Ma-ma" or "Da-da". Here we are taking a nap.

This is my Auntie Camille (woops, don't look at my parts!). She helped Mommy so much with feeding me and making sure she was decked out with all the infant gadgets that are needed!
This is my Uncle Erik- he and I have similar hair (kinda sticks up in the middle!) I thought he was pretty cool and very funny- plus he was willing to hold me even when I cried!

During the Olympics, Daddy made sure I joined in on the action! This is the 100 meter final. Someday I'm going to be that fast- Daddy says so!

And, then this past Tuesday, I got to meet my Grandma Carrie- she CANNOT stop kissing me! She babysat me while Mommy and Daddy had their first date since I've arrived. They celebrated their 4th Anniversary and decided I'm the BEST present they could have ever asked for!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm ONE week old and LOVING life!

My first outing to a breastfeeding clinic so Mommy can figure out how the heck to feed me without screaming in pain! Don't you like my frog shoes Gramma Kaye gave me?

I DO have really big feet, but in this picture my shoes
just weren't staying on!
Here's my feet! Mommy can't kiss them enough!This is Daddy's favorite gift I received- A TRUCK (actually personalized with my name on the front from my Auntie Colettey!), and so my parents will be taking the liberty once a month of giving me a ride and documenting my growth. Didn't so much like my 1st ride!

My Grandma Carrie says I'm going to be a "Pick- Up Man"! My Mommy couldn't resist posting this picture of my Daddy and me--she says she's never been more in love with him than since I came into the world. He is taking such good care of us-doing most of the clean up on diapers, making sure Mommy is resting, vaccumming, dishes, burping me... Basically, he's the best Dad a guy could ask for!

(Plus Mommy says he's hot in this picture!)

When I was in the hospital, I had so many friends visit, and my first was my friend Ella (Mommy's friend Jamie's 4 month old). She came again this week and we wore our "matching outfits". I was in Mommy's tummy when she got to witness her birth!

My family took about 1,000 more pics that I'll be sharing with you later... but now it's time to EAT!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Night at Home

PJ here again. We spent our first night at home and with the help of Gramma Kaye it went great. Right now as I type he is receiving his first bath at home. Here are a few more pictures.

This is his bassinette at home.
This was his first night in new jammies.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My wife and son are amazing!

First of all, I am blogging on behalf of Julie. I don't know how much is too much but I wanted to share some pictures. But before I do here is the summary. After 22 hours of labor and 2 hours of hard, hard pushing my wife birthed our son Josiah Paul. All 7 pounds and 9 ounces and 20 1/2 inches of him. He was born at 11:13pm on Wednesday 8.6.08 in Denver, CO. Mom and baby are doing amazing! And he has more hair than his dad already. Thank you for all of your prayers. Proud and happy dad. PJ