Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've had a BIG month!

The cutest pumpkin in the patch! And check me out in my truck- I'm practically sitting up.
I'm not technically 3 months old yet (that'll be Nov. 6th),
but I am 12 weeks as of last Wednesday!
I went trick-or-treating at Mommy's old work. This is Auntie Sue and Auntie Stasi!
They give out the good stuff! I made out pretty good- don't you think? Here's my fellow trick-or-treaters! This was a big month for me! I took a trip to California and met so many people!!!

Check me out at the beach- Mommy's FAVORITE place! Pretty cold water, but I didn't mind! I'm so easy-go-lucky! These are my 8 Cow Aunties- I don't quite understand why Mommy calls them that, but I know they love me!!! I'm hiding under there...I also met my Auntie Amy- she has a baby girl in her tummy! And this is my Auntie Dawnielle... ...and her cute little munchkin- Asher!Of course, I hung out with my big cousin, Claire. She's the best- sings to me, tickles me...

and, of course, gives me LOTS of kisses!

These days I have really great eye contact.
I'm hanging out with Uncle Erik in this picture! Aren't I precious?
And, I REALLY love to show off my smile these days! Auntie Camille was making me laugh! This is my brand new friend, Hope.
She was born to my Mommy's friend, Karen, while I was away in California!

We had a reunion with all the other babies that were in their Mommy's tummies during childbirth classes-so fun to meet them and hear their delivery stories!
I'm growing every day and getting so BIG. Here's me sitting up in my special little chair! Daddy and I love to watch football together!
And I'm starting to really love my baths! Hanging out with my Mommy in this sling is always a good time- I love to be in on the action! We were making cupcakes!
My Auntie Minna is having her baby (my cousin, Chase) in just a couple weeks! My Great Grandma Gladys came out for her shower and to meet me! We had a great time!

I also met my Daddy's Aunt from Pittsburgh, Aunt Cindy, and my cousins Carson and Sarah!

Daddy caught me taking a nap with Mommy one day. Naps with her are the best! And, let's see, what else? Oh yeah, here's my new Motto:
(Have to read my shirt...)Mommy's not a big fan of this new thing I picked up called not-taking-naps-and-
crying-lots-and-lots instead, but I'm so cute that she forgives me! :)