Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm TWO months old already!!!

So, the other day, I discovered that I have this really cool thing
that I can suck on anytime I want!!!But, as you can see, I really like this big green thing, too!Sometimes my Auntie Julie takes me on walks in this contraption...
I love being in there!
Also, I just love hanging out with my Papa! Do you like our camo???I'm a VERY happy guy most of the time! Here are some of my Mommy's dear friends... they really like me!And, here are some of Daddy's friends... look down below to see what they introduced me to...Yup, FIRE!!! Another new trick of mine is to drink from a bottle...
see me here with Gramma.
I thought she needed a little help with that big bottle! My Auntie Kristin came all the way from California
to be with me and help Mommy out.
I really like her!AND, my last new fun game I want to tell you about is laughing. I just LOVE to smile! My Auntie Minna is hilarious!
And, today, my Daddy gave me a ride in my truck again... how much longer do you think I'll fit?
You can see that my cheeks are filling out nicely compared to last month's picture down below. Mommy doesn't think this outfit will last til next month- we'll see...
Thanks for checking me out!!!
I think Mommy will be better at keeping you posted
on my happenings from now on,
but I can't promise cause I keep her pretty busy!
Love to you all!