Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER to a little...

Nope-not so fast!!! I have to do this in order, and BOY, am I behind?

Well, let's see here... I took a trip to visit all my cousins on the beach in Seattle at the end of July!
I LOVED IT! Sand actually really does taste good!
My Great Auntie Grace and I bonded over melon! She's 97 by the way!
Here's just a small section of the fam hanging out on Vashon Island!
A highlight was visiting my Great Grandma Gladys and she strolled me around on her walker!
And, BOY, do I love water!!! Here I am in my new backyard!

Did you know that I moved? Good thing, since the little peanut in my
Mommy's tummy will be joining us soon, and we'll need more room!

I do get into a lot of mischief lately....
Mommy has a lot to learn about BOYS cause we're into things like FROGS!!!

...and BIG DOGS! This is my Papa's doggie, Sam! I LOVE HIM!
I also turned O-N-E on August 6th and had a big shindig!
There was a time of blessing where all my friends, Aunties,
and Uncles spoke over my life and anointed me with life-giving words
and dedicated me to God.
This was my Mama's favorite part!
I tried to listen real hard and take it all in.My Auntie Camille made me my OWN special cake just like my TRUCK!I really hadn't ever had sugar before so at first I wasn't too sure...But, once I got going... I quickly saw the light!BOY, was that good?!?!?And everyone had a blast! This is my first tricycle from Gramma and Papa!We even had real live horsey rides!
Here's cousin, Claire, looking adorable!And cowboy hats! This is my other cousin, Chase!And, of course, ATV rides up at "Waage Woods"!!!And, this is my GORGEOUS Auntie Julie that just got married a couple weeks ago...
I had a special job in her wedding! I got to be the Ringbearer!
My Daddy helped me out cause I haven't quite got the walking thing down.
So, he was the Bearer of the Ringbearer and my Mommy was a Bridesmaid.
We're so happy for Auntie Julie and Uncle Bobby!
This is my BEST friend, Hazel! BOY, do I have a crush on her!
And here we are at the pumpkin patch just last weekend. Do you see how my Mommy kind of looks like she has a pumpkin under her shirt?
I loved these big orange balls!
Well, do you guys have any guesses?
Yup, you got it- I'm going to be the BIG BROTHER to a little
Yup, Musilli Little Man #2 is on his way!
And, Mom and Dad think his profile in the womb looks a lot like mine did,
so that means he's going to be really handsome just like me!