Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FINALLY, a 10 Month Update

I have something very important to tell all of you...
But, first here I am at 8 months old. I can palm balls now!
My Papa got a new doggy named Sam.
I think he's going to be my best friend. Keep reading...
This is my funny Daddy.
And this is my Mommy... don't stop now...
This is me on my first camping trip!
It was tons of fun! Seriously, you won't believe what I have to tell you... And my Grandma Carrie came from Ohio for a visit! She loves me ALOT!
Here I am at 9 months old! I HAVE to have my Beary Bear at night
AND my blankie(S) (yup, two!) AND my paci!
Just a couple more pics, I promise, and then...
Now I go to swim lessons and I LOVE it!
This is my friend, Hazel, and her Mommy, Sarah, that swim with us!
This is my little girlfriend, "Abba" :) She loves me and calls me, "Siah!"
Mom wanted you to see how precious I am when I'm resting...
I loved the fishies at the aquarium we visited in Denver.
Stay with me, guys...
Here's my cousin, Chase, and I cracking up!
And this was from my trip with Mommy to California.
This is the first time I sat on grass
(nope, Colorado didn't have any yet in April).
We had a fabulous time with cousin Claire!
Oh, and HERE'S my big moment...