Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merriest Christmas to YOU!

I have a ton to be thankful for this year- like NEW LIFE, a new cousin!!!, new friends, being loved on profusely by all who know me, and learning about Jesus and why he came into this world... for my heart and yours! I still fit in my truck, as you can see... Daddy's committed to marking my growth and I AM growing! I'm so big that now I can hold my own toys; I can roll over 95% of the way; I can grab my toes; AND I can show my support of my favorite team!
It also just happens to be my Dad's favorite team- like Father, like Son.
Speaking of WVU, I took a trip to meet the other half of my family over Thanksgiving.
This is me and my Grand-pap- he and I hit it off!
And, this is my Great Grandma Blanche, so here are
4 generations of Musillis!
Boy, did she make me giggle!
And, my Grandma Carrie came down from Ohio to love on me, too. I think she kissed me almost as much as my Dad does! Must run in the family (but I really like it!) In this picture, she was going to give me a bath in the SAME sink that my Daddy took baths in when he was my age.
Here we are at my Great Grandma Iris's house. Another picture of 4 generations. I feel so blessed to have THREE Great Grandma's and, man, do they LOVE me!
One day Daddy took me "out the farm" and showed me
what hunting in West Virginia is like-- COLD!
My Auntie Polly got married to Goose on Nov 22nd! Isn't she beautiful?
This is my family dancing at her wedding! We spent the whole weekend up in the mountains celebrating- it was such fun!
I've got moves! I ALSO have quite the hairdo these days. Somehow I've managed to rub off the hair on the back of my head (have a nice, smooth bald spot back there), and then a bit of a mullet in the back with this amazing mohawk up on top. Usually, my Mom does a comb-over, but every once in awhile she shows off my wild side!
Here I am in my "baby bed". Can you find me? I didn't want to give up the bassinette that's been in our family for years. My Mommy slept in it when she was first born, but I did the right thing and passed it on to my Auntie Minna because she was getting ready to have my cousin, Chase.
I admit I was getting a little too long for it. Now I'm really enjoying my "big boy crib". Here we are visiting my Uncle Joel, Auntie Minna, and supposedly my cousin, Chase, was around somewhere, but I never saw him. We went on a hike even though my Auntie had that big basketball to lug around.
Last Sunday, on December 14th, he FINALLLY decided to come into this world to meet us all face to face. I thought my Mommy had to work hard to bring me into the world, but you should have seen my Auntie Minna. THREE AND A HALF HOURS of pushing! Hate to say it, but my new little buddy had a bit of a conehead.
Thank goodness it went down fast!
My Mommy keeps saying he's beautiful.
She forgets us guys would rather be handsome- oh well!
This is Chase Arthur Cuthbert, weighing 8lbs. 60z. and 20.25 in. long-
I think he's going to be a tad bit bigger than me!
Well, to be honest, I slept through most of the excitement,
but tomorrow he's coming down from Fort Collins to play with me for Christmas!
Another new friend came into this world recently, too. My "Auntie" Sarah gave birth to the sweetest little girl on November 17th. Her name is Hazel Grace and I kind of feel like her big brother.
The other day I just held on tight to her little arm and watched her take in all the
excitement a baby gym can offer. I really love her! Hazel and I also see each other weekly with our other friends, Ella, Isaac, Joshua and Abigail when my Mommy goes to her "Mommy group". We had a Christmas party the other day!
Here's Abigail cracking me up (and body slamming me)!Did I mention that I smile a lot? Here's me with my Christmas reindeer :)
May you ALL have a blessed Christmas
and Happiest New Year!
Oh, and P.S. I started taking naps again regularly!
Much to my Mommy's relief.