Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday to my favorite brother!

Here he is... Braddock Bear, aka Bearcat, aka my "vewy best fwend"!
Today is his 1st birthday! I want to show you his party,
but first my Grandma Carrie is dying for me to back up a couple months...Here's my "Chasers-Cousin", that's what I call him!
I get to see him about every month and we are becoming Best Buddies.
We really like to hang with Papa and his toys!We also both like to cuddle with our specials...
Mine is "Beary Bear" (Beawy-Beaw)
My Beary is never far from me!Mommy says B Bear's motto is "I gotta go!"
He's always, always, ALWAYS on the go....
He usually runs away from me- I have no idea why!?!Brother started army crawling at 5 months,
crawling for reals at 7 months,
standing on his own at 8 months,
climbing stairs at 10 months,
and now he's walking at 12!
Oh yeah, and he talks a bunch, too!I believe he thinks he almost has me on this one... This is my Auntie Polly.
She loves me very much.
(probably my brother, too, but I think I'm her favorite!)
I call her "beawtwiful" cause she is! Here we are in September visiting a pumpkin patch!
Do you see Mommy's little pumpkin?
Last year at this time he looked like a pumpkin- just INSIDE her body!We're not smiling, but we're actually both looking: BIG DEAL!Another big deal is I got to ride on a real live tractor! For Halloween, my brother kinda didn't get it yet...But, I sure did...
the faster you pedal, the more houses you hit!Good thing I had these cute jammies,
because I just would NOT wear the cool fireman costume I requested!My best gal, Hazel the Duckie, showed me how to make it happen!...and my red wagon pitched in, too! To this day, I still say "Trick or Treat",
when a little smirk isn't enough to get one (a treat, that is!). My brother and I especially LOVE bathtime!
We splash, we swim, we sing, we giggle, we dump water on one another,
we exhaust our Mommy!
Speaking of bathrooms, and big deals,
am a big boy and go in the potty every once in awhile!
Check me out in my big boy pants- so proud!Brother just kinda gets the idea...Have I mentioned our Kruzie-girl?
She is just a few weeks older than brother
and we love her as if she was our sister!
..and Mommy has loved hitting B's baby stages
with her good friend, Auntie Jayne! "Kwuzie-gwirl" is in our prayers most nights :)
So, on to Christmas time...
I learned about this sweet new deal called Hot Cocoa!I mean seriously, have you guys tried this stuff?
Bummer is that my Mom says that the only place
in the world that carries it is Gramma's house!
Huh?Christmas was a blast!
I got to be with ALL my cousins,
and found out that one more is on the way!
Claire's praying "girl"- she's kinda outnumbered with the camo...We went sledding! B Bear? Not so sure...Me? YUVED IT!
Totally figured out the presents thing... s o c o o l!!!
Bubba Bear seemed to pick it up pretty quickly, too!And, what's Christmas without a few photo shoots?
Thank you, Auntie "Cher-Chers"!

...and thank you, Auntie Camille.
Remember pics of me when I fit in this cute outfit? Oh wait, how did this one get in there??? This is our Auntie Abbey.
She is sunshine to each Musilli- we yuv her yots!
We smiled for the photoshoot she was at no problem.
Here's Bearcat with his monkey at 1o months :)And, here's the day I was telling you about... He's O N E!
Can you believe my Auntie Camille made all those cakes for our Monkey Boy?
Bearcat wasn't so sure at first...But he quickly figured that out, too.
He's a smart one, this brother of mine!
Mommy & Daddy are grateful for a wonderful year with their two boys!
I'm grateful, too. I keep wondering what in the world would I be doing without him? Thanks for reading...
Luv and bwessings!


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These are soooo much fun (and the comments are perfect). Beautiful family, wonderful God, and the joy of being alive!
Love you,

Karrn said...

What a beautiful family, Julie! I love Josiah's narrative. So fun! Thanks for sharing.

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julie, so so cute. you have such an awesome family. loved getting to see your boys!!!